The New York Primary is June 25

Where do your state reps stand on Palestine?

Our votes must be earned by elected officials who share our commitments and act on them. Ending our complicity in Israeli state violence and affirming Palestinian humanity must be core principles of any Democrat in office.

Before heading to the polls this June, use the tool below to see where your rep stands.

To see where your NY State reps stand on:

Election day is on June 25th and early voting is happening now until June 23rd. Find your poll site

Illustration of a ballot box with Palestinian flag ballot

Don’t like what you see?

Demand your rep co-sponsors Not on Our Dime!

Want to take this to the federal level? Volunteer for Rep. Bowman’s campaign

AIPAC has labeled him as Public Enemy No. 1 for being one of the nation’s strongest voices against the genocide in Gaza, and has already spent over $13 million dollars attacking him.